Cappadocia, Turkey (10/27/09)

After nearly missing the bus to the airport due to some confusion about daily light savings time (missing by arriving an hour early that is), we were on our way to Cappadocia on an early morning flight. Turns out that the clocks had turned back an hour but we hadn’t realized (perhaps a good comment on spending a day in a city with no where to be at a particular time, though it does explain why breakfast at the hotel went later than what we thought was its allotted time). Thanks to TurkCell for updating the time on its cell phone network, otherwise it would have be a much longer morning (and that’s saying something since we took a 4am bus as it was).   We fortunately arrived at the airport at the proper time and took a very nice $32 flight on Pegasus Air (the only caveat to the remarkable fare being that you have to buy a seat as well; however, if you are smart, you convince your husband it is okay to sit apart for an hour and buy two middle seats at $2 a piece, saving $6 in the process!)

We arrived in Cappadocia expecting to see the beautiful landscape, fairy chimneys, and rock formations.  We saw all of that, of course, but thanks to our cousins Lynn and Taylor Keith, we saw much, much more!  They are currently in the midst of a one month tour of Europe and fortunately, their trip took them to Cappadocia at the same time as us. As a wedding present, they very generously treated us to a night at the Museum Hotel, a memorable cave hotel in Neveshir.  We met them in time for a lovely breakfast overlooking the landscape and then set off with a private guide to tour the area.  The highlights included:

-- an underground city that was 8 stories deep and complete with living rooms, a winery, kitchen, water well/ventilation shaft, and, of course, lots of spear holes to fend off the attacking army.  (Further evidence supporting our above “notes on ancient civilizations” entry.)

--a pottery studio where Taylor proved he should keep his day job

--a carpet making factory where we all discovered a love and appreciation of carpets we didn’t know we had. 

But of course, the absolute highlight was spending time with Lynn and Taylor, whose generosity was only exceeded by their excellent company and entertaining stories of their travels.  We can’t thank them enough.

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