Ephesus, Turkey (10/22/09)

After an overnight ferry to Samos (which, while a Greek island, is only a few short miles from the Turkish coast) and an early morning boat trip to Kusadasi, it was welcome to Turkey (which began with a 45 minute wait as the customs official came from his “other job” to the port to relieve us of $20- after the “port official” had already successfully identified the foreigners, us and some Kiwis, to extract the “port entry fee.”)

After successfully completing immigration into Kusadasi, we inquired about how much it would cost to take a taxi to Ephesus.  The taxi driver quoted a high price and then, very nicely, told us it would be better for us to take the bus.  He even then directed us to the bus station without our asking.  Later than night, we stopped at a restaurant to buy bottled water because the supermarket was out of water.  We realized the water was three times the price; when Jed told the man it was expensive, he agreed and directed us to another supermarket nearby (again, without our asking.)  We quickly realized how remarkably nice and helpful the Turkish people are (maybe even more so than any other country we have been to; throughout our stay, we would continue to witness examples of this.) 

We spent the afternoon touring Ephesus, the best persevered ancient city.  While the entire “city” was impressive, the highlights were definitely the library and the 25,000 seat stadium.  

After spending the evening in the wonderful town of Selcuk (where we were introduced to Turkish pizza (pide) and watched the entire town (well, unfortunately only the men) come out to gather around the TVs at the bars and restaurants to watch a local soccer game,) we took an overnight express bus (which meant it only made 3 stops!) to Istanbul.

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