Greek Islands (10/20/09)

Checking in is hard to do:

It all seemed too easy.  We bought our ferry ticket to Santorini in Athens, found a very cheap hotel on-line the night before, took the Metro to the port, and enjoyed a very lovely 8 hour ferry ride to Santorini.  After a picturesque arrival, we rented a car at a very cheap rate and drove to the town of Oia, Santorini with no issue.  Unfortunately, as we said, it all seemed too easy.  They don’t use street addresses on the island, so finding the hotel proved to be a difficult task.  After asking several people directions and getting pointed in every different possible direction, we found the hotel.  However, to make it even more difficult, it turns out that you check in at a different place than the actual hotel.  Meg took off to find that place, guided by a woman who spoke no English.  When she hadn’t returned 30 minutes later, Jed became convinced she had been abducted by the bike shop nearby (unclear why he thought that store.)  As he stood outside yelling Meg’s name loudly, Meg finally succeeded in checking in!

With that adventure out of the way, we quickly realized why people say the Greek Islands are so wonderful.  The sunset in Santorini more than lived up to its reputation; the town of Oia was incredibly quaint and, except for the woman sitting next to us at dinner who thought it was a good idea to feed stray cats sardines at her table, the night was like a picture on a postcard.  We spent the next day walking and driving around the island, with the highlight being a picnic lunch of gyros and greek pastries overlooking the Red Beach. 

We left that afternoon for Naxos, another beautiful island.  Upon arrival we dealt with our first logistical snafu—the ferry we wanted to take to get us to Turkey doesn’t run the night we wanted to take it.  Alas, we are “stuck here” for longer than expected, but easily will fill the days wandering around the old town, exploring the island’s villages, statues, and wineries, and all, in all, soaking in the amazing Greek Island beauty.  Checking out will also prove to be difficult.

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