Notes on Ancient Civilizations

As a side note, over the past few days in Greece and Ephesus, we have learned a great deal about the accomplishments of ancient civilizations and have been astonished by their level of advancement. From running water, central heat and toilets to glassware, metal instruments, multistory buildings and very detailed art work, they seem to have figured developed many so-called modern conveniences nearly two thousand years ago. It leads one to wonder what humans actually accomplished between ancient Greece and the latter half of the 18th century- were we just dwindling our thumbs?   And, while we have  obviously made huge technologic advances over the past hundred year (including the Kindle, which Jed has now commandeered interestingly enough) we lament the loss of the statue as a  form—it would be pretty cool to have statues of people in your living room, rather than photographs. Let us know if you'd like to make a statue of us your first one.

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