On The Road Again (June 21, 2010)

After 6 weeks back in the US, including trips to California, Maine, Connecticut, and Washington, DC for a wedding, a bachelor party, a reunion, a birthday party, respectively, it was nearly time to head the road again and head to Guatemala once and for all. After weeks of completing errands and working on logistics, the most time consuming being the purchase of car, and waiting for our nephew to be born (Devin Spencer Sullivan arrived on Friday, June 18), we had everything set to go. In this case, however, “go” meant different things for each of us. Go for Meg meant buying a plane ticket and getting a ride to LaGuardia airport. Go for Jed meant getting in the car and driving to Guatemala.

As for the need to drive to Guatemala, we knew that we’d need a car there and after doing some car research while we were in Guatemala in early May, we determined that we could get a better deal on a better car in the US. So after much research and looking at used cars in 8 different states, we finally bought a Jeep Liberty, which checked off the boxes of not too big, not too fancy, but dependable and with four-wheel drive.

Jed and Jimmy: The Before Picture

Our last stop, before going to Guatemala was Jed’s brother’s wedding in Charlottesville, VA. Highlights of the weekend included a tasty southern style dinner on Friday night, followed by speeches and songs from family and friends; a beautiful outdoor ceremony in the garden of an historic inn; a great photo booth at the reception which captured many great memories and some less great ones; oh, and it was 95 degrees the entire weekend so there was some good sweating too.

After some last minute car maintenance, Jed and his cousin Jimmy set off south towards Guatemala. The first stop was the “wild and wonderful” (that’s their state slogan) West Virginia. A night in Charleston contained many great sites and adventures; well, actually the only really great site was the capital building (its dome roof is covered in gold).

For that matter, the only real adventure was the Hackensack New Jersey Marching Band RV getting stuck on the protective bollard at that gas station. After making too tight a turn while pulling out of the gas station the band leader managed to smash the back of the RV into the cement post and get the RV situated such that no move backward or forward could free the post from where it was embedded in the back of the RV. After offering our assistance (to no avail), the band leader went with the next option, which was to “load up a van pull of tuba players” and get them over to the gas station to try to push the RV off the cement post. While we don’t know if they ever freed the RV, the tuba players did arrive:

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