Nashville to Texas (via Oklahoma) (June 26, 2010)

We got a slow start from Nashville (due to World Cup soccer) so we decided to stop in Memphis for the night, instead of heading to Little Rock. And a good choice it was, as it is hard to beat a night of minor league baseball, great ribs, and a wander around Beale Street.

In fact, we were even happier with our choice to sleep in Memphis when we stopped in Little Rock for lunch the next day and asked a local what there was to do in town and his response was “you’re pretty much doing it now”. If we had stayed in Little Rock longer, however, we could have watched the World Martial Arts Championships (though it is a little odd to drive into a strange town and see everyone walking down the street dressed in white martial arts outfits).

In front of the Clinton Presidential Library in Little Rock

An evening in Tulsa, where bar trivia was the highlight, checked Oklahoma off the list of US states to visit. On our way to the Texas/Mexico border we passed through some interesting places on our drive through Texas, including the town of West, which was an entirely Czech town (complete with a Czech bakery, a Czech Inn, and a biergarten)- as someone said: the Czechs were told to go west for greater opportunity and they took it literally. And in Manville, Texas, a record 11 water towers were visible from a single point on the highway. Next stop Mexico!

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